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BOOST is the new SEO Learning program, brought to you by Vortx. Following the whole program will leave you accomplished in:

  • Understanding search terms and applying your knowledge to your own product set
  • Understanding 'retail intent'
  • Knowing how to improve upon your most-optimized competition
  • Knowing how and where to apply search terms to your storefront to optimize for success
  • Knowing how to send a structured product feed to search engines
  • Knowing how to monitor analytics and adjust your SEO strategy

The program is delivered as "living material", since the Search Engines (Google, Bing etc.) are constantly changing. Did you know, for example, that since September 2020, Google offers to advertise your products on Google Shopping for FREE? (That won't last forever, and when the end of free ads is announced, we'll be here to tell you, and to help you know how to adapt). BOOST content will be reinforced, updated, and renewed based on changing events and on customer reviews.

BOOST is educational material that is delivered to you, year-round, in a variety of different media styles. There are web pages, PDFs, emailed hints and tips, podcasts, interviews, webinars and quizzes. We strongly believe that people learn in a variety of different ways, and it is our greatest hope that our mixed-media material will answer your needs.