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The ultimate SEO learning program

Learn everything you need to know to boost the number of visitors to your storefront

By investing in the Boost program, you can learn the science of SEO and the skills you need to provide the leading search engines with the clues they need to send shoppers to your storefront.

Three smart sections

Turn your storefront into a shopper-magnet

Unless you're already an expert, our material is so relevant and so easily-understood that you'll be delighted at how quickly your skills will grow. Among many other things, you'll learn:

  • how to choose keywords
  • how to optimize category pages
  • how to write strong SEO copy
  • which pages don't need your attention
  • all about metadata and microdata
  • why structured product feeds really matter
  • how Google Analytics can be your best friend



More than 500 visitors every day.


Greater than 2% conversion rate, overall.


Over 20% of visitors make it to a product page


Higher than 1.5% conversion from your free traffic

Let us help you boost the traffic to your storefront

By really understanding how to match your products to search terms, you can bring more and more visitors to your storefront.

Value for your money

More sales ...

Reach for your calculator. If you can drive another 500 visitors to your store each day, and if you can achieve a conversion rate of 2%, and even if your typical order is only $50 ... then you can expect another $15,000 every month.

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